If money is the root of all evil, then it is the vine that has entangled us all, Or is it?
Is it the not mighty thorn of greed or the powerful brush in the innocence of hopeless need
I ponder on the many hearts that fertilize the many seed of the vines as they lay restless on a bed of
Rather it be the innocence of need or the greed we have in turn granted this vine immortality,
Acting of one’s wills purpose has been stripped from our soul,
As one must now earn for peace and yet yearn for love while being deprived from true meaning
Are we free just because we are not restrained from movement but, yet the very essence of our
presence is restrained from the vine?
Captivated in the existence of this illusion in our minds,
One must bear the sorrow that loathes the tragedy of the us the divine now being relative to time,
engulfed by this infinite vine as it intertwines on the bed of morality,
We must nurture the hidden power of our future before we can cultivate this vine,
If we could only inner stand before the root there was a time where the curiosity of the divine would
once get us through our times with passionate emotions that nurtured the seeds of our heart and
There lied the bed of the flower of life
This new root has been conditioned by folly into the mire
It is now only the innocent that fight’s fire with fire to burn down the vines of our times,
It is he who has a power of the vine who still holds the value of one’s purest desires,
There lies in the bed of vines who gives the innocently hopeless a glimpse of the flower of life

Published by Lawless_light

I am seeker of truth with a spirit open enough to accept it. I am currently on a journey to find myself and as I seek my I write about my discoveries .Im covering my thoughts,ideas,theories,and unlearning what I Have learned and feel passionately about it.I write poetry about life,love,and my curiosity and I hope you become enlightened by what I discover. For my intention is to simply spark the mind....

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