How can we value what is divine when we have been made to hate ourselves?

How can we become one mind when we’ve been taught to degrade ourselves?

I feel compelled to breath light into the dark places of my soul

Before they make me hate me,

Take my DNA and try to innately shake me

All this propaganda yeah it affects me greatly

But still to this day you will not make me hate me,

I thought I seen everything in my days of vanity

but modified mystery, indoctrinated history, and now I must question my own sanity

searching though depicted pics of restricted hieroglyphics that was supposed to be a mythological Egyptian God myth,

And I still question the man in me,

That cannot be

There is something that cannot sit right with my soul

The temperature in this country is getting hotter who keep changing the Cole

No Reparations or mediation,

Just Separation through segregation, metaphorical assassinations, prehistorical abomination,

Just mind manipulation with improper


I am the hope and I seek the truth to refine me,

I had to revitalize what was broke in my spirit to remind me,

Search deep inside to reinter twine the divine me,

I was once loss like the sacrificial lamb,

But there no chemical affinity to this artificial plan,

I see now they tried to make me an artificial man,

Where I stand is where I stand with a closed fist and raised hand,

They mistake my futility of pleasure,

With a passive passion for these meaningless endeavors

When inside me is a treasure that a man couldn’t measure,

They will not make me hate me they will make me better,

They can incriminate while I disseminate the power of this letter

It is up to us to realize that us is the power and the power is the treasure wordpress-alt

Published by Lawless_light

I am seeker of truth with a spirit open enough to accept it. I am currently on a journey to find myself and as I seek my I write about my discoveries .Im covering my thoughts,ideas,theories,and unlearning what I Have learned and feel passionately about it.I write poetry about life,love,and my curiosity and I hope you become enlightened by what I discover. For my intention is to simply spark the mind....

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