Imagine walking into a tunnel

The tunnel is so dark you cannot see anything at all not even your own hands, you begin to want light more than anything so that you can navigate your way out of this tunnel,

Out of nowhere, a light appears ahead of a distance away small but visible, to say the least,

Although the light is small it provided hope, and in your mind, you expect that light to be your way out, so you draw closer walking with your eyes focused on the light and nothing else. You continue walking but you noticed through time that the light was not growing and that you didn’t feel like you were getting closer and what once was a  hope to find a way out then turned into hope just to feel like you were getting closer. Your eyes still focused the light you begin to walk faster and as time passes with your distance you begin to see what was once a small circle in diameter begin to grow bigger and as the distance grows your hope grew until suddenly you hear a sound and you freeze. Still in the dark that sound brings upon a natural  feeling of fear , you step and here it again then step then you hear it get closer and in that moment of fear panic not knowing that sound ahead and being too far to turn back into darkness knowing that hope of light is your way out and your closer to that. Going back made no sense. Hope has carried you this far the question now is that are you going to trust and believe in that hope that you have that the light is your way out? Or are you going to turn back in fear of what lies before your way out?

So you decide to take a leap of faith and begin to run not with fear of what lies before the light but pure faith and hope that the light is your way out. As your sprinting the light begins to grow until it is so big it illuminates all darkness to the point where you forgot about the sounds and fear’s the panicking emotions and all the trials you went through before you found your way out. Until just ahead you see another dark tunnel,

That’s life …..Every day presents its challenges but if we remember what got us through the last we will be prepared for the next, Knowing all we have to do is put our faith in hope in the light….US…..The more we put our faith and hope in ourselves the bigger the light will grow. For we hold the power of an eternal candle that never withers away, but we must exercise our faith in ourselves so that one day we won’t be the light that exits the tunnel but be the light that enters it.

Published by Lawless_light

I am seeker of truth with a spirit open enough to accept it. I am currently on a journey to find myself and as I seek my I write about my discoveries .Im covering my thoughts,ideas,theories,and unlearning what I Have learned and feel passionately about it.I write poetry about life,love,and my curiosity and I hope you become enlightened by what I discover. For my intention is to simply spark the mind....

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