To value time, we must value thought. But what is thought? The occurring suddenness that weaves its way, into the manifestation of contemplation. Or better yet, the pondering of one’s experience through the depths of one’s mind. Thought can change time, just as gravity can bend time. One must wonder when time seems to drag […]

The Power of Acknowledgement

Timothy 2:25 KJVIn meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; The docility in meekness is profoundly alarming.We must acknowledge that information is an offering, it is a mere gift that can be accepted or denied. We seem to be accepted with no resistance,why […]

sus·te·nance abuse

I have materialized matter and with the dormant energy that once rested at the root of my existence I do not exist to be held captive for the materialization of a chemical composition when I am the divine composition the Mozart of my chemical make up the Beethoven of my creation built to nourish the […]

I AM Worthy Of My Potential

why must I fear the power that has been invested into methe cosmic energy that rests inside my soul only to be left alone while I have chosen to be blindly led by my egodeath to the ego, for the ego, runs away from the idea of mental maturity to embrace the power that rests […]

The Bound Creator

What is this anxious pain I felt without feeling This numbness to trauma and adversity that I thought was just more opportunity to grow Until the pain in my chest continued How have I lived this long never questioning my habits to only be crippled by bottled up emotions How did I not recognize that […]

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